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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
41 weeks and counting with out you

The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat We love you Helena by MagicMaster390 :icontgcompilation: We love you… The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat The Drape Flowers by wolf-hat

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BIO: Howdy all! Name’s Zara! Or at least that’s my lady name, ya see I’m a transgender(MTF)(P.S. if you hate transgender people come fite me boi), my old name is a secret :P. I’m Bisexual! NO that does not mean I’ll fucking date you, 1 you might be below my standards, 2 I respect my relationship with Helena to much to start another relationship. My art medium is digital, but I do do some sketches. I’m autistic but I am, and have been seeking treatment to act normal (mostly treatment is special speech teachers who are teaching me how to actually care for other’s feelings), so I am super paranoid as to if I’m hurting someone’s feelings (I also have SUPER thick skin)
Likes: Offensive humor, video games, pasta, kids with tourettes (aren’t they just a party in a box?), tough love, My dog. My tablet.
Dislikes: People who hate offensive humor (They are jokes get over it), hackers, veggies, people who TOUCH MY SHIT, mentally ill people who aren’t receiving mental help because their loved ones ‘care to much(Eugina Coony ,and a kid at my school who has 4 different people in his head who is 16 and acts 10, etc),’ Not being told I’m adoptited despite me figuring out based off the fact you let all my siblings see their birth certificates despite me asking EVERY MONTH for 4 years now.

(Avatar By :iconmagicmaster390:)
(Profile Picture By :iconshinpersonamaster:
2017 (point) Comissions :D
Requests are for FRIENDS ONLY. So feel free to ask friends!
I DO roleplay just ask!
I have steam and minecraft, I DO play with my followers. Both Username for minecraft is MagicMaster390, but my steam is at…

Gmail: , Skype: ZaraUnityMasters and of course notes.
:iconmagicmaster390: Good evening Hun! And welcome to my Page! Here you will see my artwork and my oddness!
Official medical issues: Autism, dyslexia, nearsightedness, asthma, transgender MTF (as some would say that’s an issue)
:icongargle506: First deviantart friend
:icontheroflcoptr: OMG SENPAI IS FRIEND!
:iconduskwing5: 1st idol to friend
:icondazion1999: 2nd Idol to friend
:iconcloth-king: A cloth dud
:icondrawtheyandere: Foreign Friend
:iconxstormyeyesx: / :icondetsydoo: I dunno how did we meet?
:iconemmythesmolpone: Transfriend
:iconnootaz: agehghahhhagghhhhaaeeeghh FriEnD
:iconnomoxy: friend who’s power level I have surpassed
:iconladyplush: Silkie Friend :3
:iconaskdiamondscar: Good ol friend :3
:iconwildbacca: my BAKA friend :P

(Tell me if I forgot you)
Prized Characters:
MagicMaster: embodiment of my pathetic-Ness
MagicMistress: embodiment of my sin and darkside
Phoenix: embodiment of my innocence, silliness etc
Dewdrop: embodiment of my love and passion
Cindy: embodiment of my nature, by, secretsc
Rokus: embodiment of my intellect and motivation


TF2 shenanigans:
StoryTime (i'll be telling this like a story)

One day we were all on the battlefield. Reds Vs Blues.  We were recently drafted and there were few who chose not to fight. Most died. But two friendlies found safety.
Friend by MagicMaster390
We made friends with the enemy. Even when our team lost they spared us.
Freind2 by MagicMaster390But then a terrible fate struck us...

He was murdered in cold blood by one of the other blues.
Dead1 by MagicMaster390By a pyro...

We all swore revenge on this runaway pyro.Dead2 by MagicMaster390Below is picture of blue engie crying into his bottkiller
Dead3 by MagicMaster390During out funeral...

He respawned.
<da:deviation id="2678999654964078">
Then we partied.

<da:deviation id="899102437424473">


All in one server in one game.


:icongargle506: :iconduskwing5: :icondazion1999: :iconcloth-king: :icondrawtheyandere: :icondetsydoo: :iconemmythesmolpone:  :iconaskdiamondscar: :iconwildbacca:
I got kicked from a tf2 game because I was a friendly :(((((((
I complied a list of projects I planned\started but never finished. Some of you have not followed me long enough to know them all.

List of failed projects:
-The Life of MagicMaster
-MagicMasters ask blog
-ZaraUnityMasters ask blog 1.0 (recently trying 2.0)
-The knife (animation that was story boarded but not completed so if you can animate you can finish it for me)
-Face reveal (decided aganist it)
-Be FURRself challange(Take a selfie. And draw your fursona over all skin/hair you have showing to make it look like you're your fursona! I still wanna attempt this with duskwing5 maybe)


:icongargle506: :iconduskwing5: :icondazion1999: :iconcloth-king: :icondrawtheyandere: :icondetsydoo: :iconemmythesmolpone:  :iconaskdiamondscar: :iconwildbacca:
My comissions only exist to make me seem more professional. No one actually buys them lol.


:icongargle506: :iconduskwing5: :icondazion1999: :iconcloth-king: :icondrawtheyandere: :icondetsydoo: :iconemmythesmolpone:  :iconaskdiamondscar: :iconwildbacca:


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